Wedding Gift Cufflinks – Taking Care Of Your Gift

Wedding gift cufflinks are often made of either gold or sterling silver. But, no matter what metal is used, it is important to take proper care of them to ensure that they remain scratch free and shiny for years to come. Follow this guide to help you take care of your custom accessory items.

Without proper care, both gold and silver items will lose their shine and the wonderful effect that they have when worn. Each type of metal has its own needs when it comes to cleaning and caring for it. Silver is the more unique of the two. It tarnishes much quicker, but it is also the easier of the two to keep looking its best. The reason for this is that simply by wearing your silver cufflinks, you are minimising the risk of the metal tarnishing. If, however, your wedding cufflinks begin to show signs of tarnish, giving them a rub with a soft cloth will bring back their shine with ease. Gold is a little different; it seems to attract dirt and debris as it is worn. Gold objects worn around the hands and wrists are amongst the worse culprits, and this includes your cufflinks. Gold needs to be cleaned regularly and this can be done at very little expense with a simple solution of warm water and washing up liquid. A soft bristled toothbrush can be used to clean hard to reach areas with ease as long as you are very gentle. Always remember to dry your item thoroughly before storing.

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