Wedding Cufflinks - How To Wear Different Types

As with all kinds of accessories and jewellery, cufflinks for weddings and other major events come in various shapes and sizes. From Bullet Back to Chain Links, there is a wide spectrum covering all manner of designs. As well as the vast number of options this opens up for you, it also brings up a minor issue: how to put each of them on. This is because although various types of wedding cufflinks are attached in similar ways, many tend to have slightly different procedures that are unique to themselves. Here are some of the most common types alongside how to put each of them on.

Basic Wedding Cufflinks: Other Common Types

When it comes to basic cufflinks for wedding events, sliding each accessory through the holes either side of each cuff before swinging them into a locked position is the general technique for how to fasten them tightly. When locking into position, the toggle on such cufflinks - generally consisting of a large head - is turned so that a straight post descends from the underside of them, ensuring that the accessory is unable to slide out of place while leaving the decorative face on show on the exterior of the cuff. With Bullet Back versions of blank or engraved cufflinks for wedding, however, the post itself is a hollowed out frame, whereas the closing mechanism involves a thin cylinder of metal nestling inside a frame. To hold both links on either side of the cuff, the cylinder is flipped in an outwards direction, which leaves the frame itself connected as a post. Whale Back designs are quite similar in that they have straight posts alongside solid, flat backings. The backings themselves are thought to be shaped like whale’s tails, hence the name. With these versions, you begin the process by holding the accessories with your pointer finger and thumb, using the remainder of your hand to keep the cuff still. The post is then threaded through the holes on the cuff’s top half, and afterwards again through the bottom. Finally, the backing is flipped so that it is perpendicular to the post, securing the item firmly in place on the cuff.

Other Popular Wedding Cufflinks: Designs And How To Fasten Them

Alongside the more common types of wedding day cufflinks mentioned above, there are less common yet popular versions which also have their own uniqueness when it comes to putting them on. Take Fixed Back designs, for example. Often the backings themselves are an extension of the accessory’s face; or in other words, they were formed from the same chunk of metal. What differentiates these mens wedding cufflinks from many others is the fact that the backing does not actually move or bend in any way. To put these on, you take the item with your pointer finger and thumb, using your remaining fingers to keep the cuff steady. The item itself then fits through the holes in the same way as a button, with the back pushed through the bottom half of the cuff. Chain Link types of wedding cufflinks, alternatively, have a pair of heads which are connected via a thin chain. Although this leads to a fastening that is often looser than most other versions, it is nonetheless tight enough to keep your cuffs securely together. As the original form of cufflinks, you attach this kind by holding the top portion with your ring, middle and pinkie fingers, using your pointer finger and thumb to push the back of it through the top holes. The bottom cuff then comes up to meet the top, whereby you push the back of the item through the holes of the bottom portion as beforehand. Other types include Reversible, Ball Return and Locking Dual-Action, among many others.

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