Silver Plated Cufflinks Engraved With Wedding Day Memories

A wedding is a memorable day for everyone involved, but especially for those in the wedding party. As the bride or groom, you will want everyone involved to be able to remember the day for years to come; with silver plated cufflinks engraved with personalised messages, you can achieve this easily.

Providing memorable gifts for male members of a marriage party can prove difficult, particularly if it is a large party and you are operating on a small budget. By investing in engraved cufflinks for each male member, you cannot only achieve memorable presents but also personalise them without breaking the bank. You can either choose to have each set of sterling or plated silver cufflinks engraved with simply the role the individual had on the day, such as best man, father of the bride, page boy and usher, or you could add an individualised touch. For example, you could have the role on one-half of each pair and then the person’s name on the other half. Alternatively, you could add a short personal message across one or both of the cufflinks, or simply have the date of the event and the role they played; the possibilities are almost endless. Of course, the other benefit of buying silver plated cufflinks for your party is that you can ensure that the novelty and less appropriate choices are either left at home or at least kept in a pocket until later at the reception.

Whether you are looking for sterling silver plated cufflinks engraved with marriage memories, or for a personalised gift for another favourite occasion, you are sure to find what you are looking for when you buy from Cufflinkman. We have over a quarter of a century’s experience in men’s custom accessories and a wide variety of stock added regularly at