Personalised Designer Cufflinks – Stand Out At Your Next Event

Cufflinks have a way of catching the eye and sending a message out about the wearer. It is important to choose the right pair of personalised designer cufflinks to match both your outfit and the event you are attending. Get this wrong and you will be remembered, but not for the reasons you would prefer.

When it comes to choosing the silver cufflinks you will buy for an event or function, the most important thing to keep in mind is how formal the setting will be. The more formal the setting, usually the more formal the dress code, and this includes your cufflinks. A formal black tie event requires exactly that, formal wear. This means that novelty cufflinks are a big no! In fact, these cufflinks, although more accepted than their tie counterparts, should be avoided at any formal, or even semi-formal occasion. A wedding is no exception to this; after all, just because you and your friends can see the joke, it doesn’t mean the groom or the rest of the family will find it as funny. For these types of occasions, if you want to buy silver designer personalised cufflinks, then do so by wearing a pair that have been engraved or monogrammed specifically for you. This gives the air of individuality, without giving offence. An alternative for formal occasions is to personalise your appearance by choosing cufflinks that are a unique shape or contain different stones or crystals; for example, vintage mother of pearl cufflinks would be an ideal choice.

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