Modern Cufflinks – How Cufflinks Have Changed Since The Beginning

Early cufflinks were little more than a small metal chain with a metal button shape on each end. However, this simple step forward in cuff fastening has continued to grow and develop. The result of this is modern cufflinks that can be found in a host of shapes, styles and materials.

Prior to the creation of cufflinks, the sleeve of a shirt was held together with ribbon or string threaded through what would become the cuff. These fastenings were awkward at best, and in the seventeenth century, wealthier men swapped this approach for what would become the modern day cufflink. As the trend grew, the cufflink became a status symbol and began to be made from better quality materials, such as gold and sterling silver. Industrialisation saw cufflinks being made more widely available, and with this came a further grow in materials and styles. Mens cufflinks can now be found in both precious metals and base metals that are plated in either gold or silver. Additionally, the modern cufflink can be found to contain precious and semi-precious stones, as well as modern alternatives such as enamel and plastic. Not only does this provide a more affordable range, but it also means that greater character can be created into each design. While there is still room for the more traditional personalised, monogrammed and engraved cufflink, there is also a call for novelty and unique styles that say much more about the individual. Cufflinks can now be found that represent sports, hobbies, and family occasions, such as a wedding or the birth of a child.

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