Mens Pearl Cufflinks – When And Where Might You Wear Them

Mens pearl cufflinks provide an air of elegance and sophistication to any outfit or event. The natural colour variations, from pink through to lavender and blue, and unique shimmer effect found in mother of pearl means that no two pieces of jewellery or accessories that include it in their design are ever exactly the same.

That being said, care does need to be taken with cufflinks that include mother of pearl in their design. While it is beautiful, it is more fragile than the metal that it is surrounded by and can easily become scratched and damaged. It is for this reason that you could consider where and when to wear mens cufflinks that include pearl inlays or decoration. These types of ornate cufflinks are best not worn at times when the wrists and hands are very likely to come in contact with hard or rough surfaces. For this reason, they are best not worn as part of a work suit where there is likely to be contact between them and office furniture such as a wooden desk. However, if you want to impress during a conference, meeting or interview then these are the perfect choice to add to your best double cuff white shirt and black suit. They also make the perfect addition to formal events or weddings; they will be noticed by anyone who shakes your hand at any point during the function. Wherever you choose to wear your pearl cufflinks, they will require proper care and storage once you remove them from your cuffs. Always return them to their case or a suitable jewellery box.

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