Mens Cufflinks UK – A Short History

Cufflinks are an integral element of many occasions that require a dress or formal shirt. They are worn now as much as a fashion statement as they are for the practical purpose of closing the cuff of a shirt. However, this was not always the case with mens cufflinks UK wide.

Cufflinks first appeared during the seventeenth century and replaced the traditional ribbon or ties that held together the cuffs of the shirts. The first cufflinks were little more than small chains fastened to a metal button that were fed through the holes at the end of the shirt sleeve. Over time, these types of fastenings became associated specifically with the upper classes and more formal attire. However, manufacturing processes allowed for lower cost production during the industrial revolution, and mens cufflinks became more popular, including with the working middle class. Around the same time, the traditional chain style was replaced by the rods and clips that you are more likely to see selected today. New production methods also meant that a wider variety of materials could be used and more variety in shape, size and colour was introduced into the market. Sales of cufflinks initially fell in the late twentieth century, as dress shirts were mass-produced with button-up cuffs. The cufflink is regaining its popularity aided by increasing styles, and novelty and fashion varieties being sold. However, the more traditional gold, silver and pearl versions will always count amongst those that have a special place in the market.

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