Gold Engraved Cufflinks For Men – Cleaning Tips

Gold engraved cufflinks for men are the ideal addition to any dress shirt. But, because they sit so close to your hands and wrists, they are subjected to a great deal of dirt and debris every day. To keep them looking like new, you need to know how to clean and store them properly.

Your cufflinks should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a room that is not subject to large temperature fluctuations. A custom cufflink box is ideal as your engraved cufflinks are less likely to be bumped or scratched by other pieces of jewellery. However, any box with a soft interior will do the trick. Giving your cufflinks a buff with a soft cloth before you wear them will remove any light smudges or fingerprints. However, this is not enough to remove the build-up of hand lotions, skin oils and other everyday dirt that they are subjected to. To remove this, you can invest in custom jewellery cleaners, but a simple solution of mild washing-up detergent and water will work just as well. Tougher stains can be safely removed with a small amount of vinegar or a splash of window cleaner mixed with water. Whichever solution you use, soak the cufflinks for a few minutes before using a soft brush, such as an old toothbrush, to lightly massage the surface of each piece. Once completed, rinse thoroughly and polish with a soft cloth. For the best results use a 100% cotton cloth. Ensure each piece is completely dry before storing.

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