Gold Cufflinks For Men – Matching Them To Your Attire

Your cufflinks may be one of the smallest items you put on as part of your outfit, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of ensuring they match with everything else. When choosing gold cufflinks for men as part of your outfit, consider the following points and you will be the talk of the event for all the right reasons.

When it comes to men’s cufflinks the first and most important thing to remember is that they should match the colour of your belt buckle. Why? Well, think about it, once your jacket is open, your buckle is the closest piece of metal to your wrists. If there is a mismatch between it and your mens cufflinks, it will show very quickly. You should also endeavour to match them with the rest of your jewellery as well. So, if you are wearing gold on your cuff, then your necklace and rings, if you are wearing them, should be of the same colour metal. In terms of your suit, gold will match with most colours, however, it works extremely well with brown shades, such as tan. If you are unsure, then standard black is always the way to go. If there is a colour inlay in your cufflink, then keep this in mind when choosing your shirt. If the colours contrast, or worse still clash, then you risk making a less than perfect first impression. Again, if all else fails, go for a plain white shirt and then match the colour to your tie, ensuring that the same shade is selected in both. If you have plain gold cufflinks, then you have a wider choice of men’s ties.

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