Engraved Cufflinks For Men Silver - Taking Care Of Them

Sterling silver is a beautiful metal for men’s jewellery and accessories. Its pliable nature means that it can easily be moulded and shaped. It also means that it needs special care to be kept looking its best. Follow this guide to keep your engraved cufflinks for men silver looking like new.

While silver does need special care, it is really simple to look after. The best way to keep your silver cufflinks looking their best is to wear them regularly. It’s a great excuse to get out the dress shirt and suit. Silver tarnishes when it is not worn, and over extended periods will move from bright shiny metal, to a dull yellow, and then it will begin to blacken. If your engraved cufflinks do begin to show signs of tarnish, give them a rub with a soft cloth before wearing to bring back their shine. If they have been left too long and this does not work, then invest in either a soft silver cloth or silver polish. How you store your cufflinks is also important. Ideally, they should be placed in a purpose made box, such as those available from retailers like Cufflinkman. These are ideal because each pair of cufflinks has their own section; this minimises the risk of scratching or denting. Alternatively, use a jewellery box or something similar and keep in a cool, dry place, preferably somewhere that does not experience large temperature fluctuations and is not at risk of damp.

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