Designer Cufflinks Engraved With Loving Messages

Finding the perfect way to say ‘I Love You’ with a gift isn’t always easy. But, if the man in your life wears shirts that require cufflinks then it just got a little easier. By investing in designer cufflinks engraved with the sentiment you want to express you can create a gift that is personalised, creative and practical.

Cufflinks have been an integral part of men’s apparel since the early 18th Century. Designed to hold together the double or French cuff of a dress shirt, this small practical item has become as much a fashion statement and item of jewellery as it is a practical alternative to a button. As the popularity of cufflinks has grown, so has the range of engraved designs and quality of the materials used to create them. Gold and sterling silver are becoming increasingly popular materials for high-quality oval, square and rectangular cufflinks. Choosing engraved cufflinks as a gift takes this quality and individuality to a whole new level and allows you to add emotions and thoughts that are not easily put into words. The surface of the designer cufflink you choose can be engraved with short messages, names, dates, or initials. With a little thought, a great amount can be added with a few carefully chosen words or symbols. The fact that cufflinks come in pairs makes them ideal for splitting a message between them, for example, two sets of initials, or monogram and a date. It is perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift, or even to celebrate the birth of a child.

At Cufflinkman, all you need to do is chose the engravable cufflinks you like, your favourite font, and the details you want to add and you will receive the designer cufflinks engraved with your message. Call us on (01676) 471 440 if you have any questions, or visit and place your custom order today.