Cufflinks - How To Pull Them Off Like A Professional

Personalised or otherwise, cufflinks are more than just tools for fastening shirt cuffs together. They are a fashion accessory, a style icon and a statement to add to your general look. Originating in the 16th Century Kingdom of France, they have been customarily favoured by the highest classes in societies across the Western world ever since and have as such been seen as a sign of grandiose culture for centuries. Nowadays, they are more accessible to the general man or woman, with their added vintage, chic look within reach of everyone’s sterling price range. But that doesn’t mean that they still can’t make you feel like royalty. Here is a newbie’s guide on what the Italians call “gemelli da polso” and how to pull them off like a professional.

How To Put On Normal And Engraved Cufflinks

For engraved cufflinks for men, before putting on the cufflinks themselves, you have to prepare your shirt first. Extending your arm out, you use the opposite hand to fold the French cuff on your shirt backwards. We should add to make sure at this point that the edge of the cuff that is nearest to your fingers is folded back neatly, with even lining showing. Afterwards, hold both cuffs together to create a “kiss cuff”. You do this by pinching both open edges of the cuff together so that the edges are flattened and away from the wrist. The inside fabric of both cuff edges at this point should be pressed against one another. Ensuring that both cufflinks are aligned, you can then insert and secure them into the cuff. When doing this, ensure that your designer cufflinks are facing outwardly, with the rest inside the layers of your cuff’s fabric and secured tightly on the other side. As an important point to add, the way you secure personalised mens cufflinks engraved may change slightly depending on the type of accessories you have and the shirt you are wearing. For instance, if you are wearing a single cuff shirt then you don’t need to fold at the beginning or kiss the cuffs afterwards to insert the engraved cufflinks. However, it is recommended that you wear shirts with French cuffs if you are going to use such accessories, as the two items are best suited to one another.

Wedding Cufflinks Or Everyday Cufflinks - When To Wear Them

Some people are unsure as to when they can add personalised or ordinary cufflinks to their look, whether wedding cufflinks for the big day or your favourite casual silver cufflinks for a night out. Ultimately, there are no clear-cut rules for when you can and can’t wear any type of cufflink, from cufflinks for wedding ceremonies to silver sets for work, socialising and everyday wear. However, there are still some times that are more appropriate than others. We’ve already mentioned one a few times, mainly because a good set of silver wedding cufflinks can help a groom, usher or any other groomsmen look their best at the event for the bride. This is why wedding gift cufflinks are a popular choice to buy for the groom. For those who work in high-ranking white collar professions - or for the people below them who aim to reach their status one day - a good pair can also finish off your suit brilliantly. It adds that extra touch of class that completes a professional image. Equally, if you’re looking to stand out on a night out, you will find that stylish, personalised cufflink accessories can increase your chances of either attracting a partner, impressing friends or simply feeling good about your new favourite man look. Ultimately, they are a sophisticated accessory to have and, as such, can add to your look whenever you want to appear classier than normal.

What To Wear Mens Cufflinks With

Although anyone can have a go at rocking a pair of engraved cufflinks, these accessories are most commonly worn by men. Aside from cultural and traditional details, it’s largely because they add a certain quality to suits, a clothes item that a pair of gold or silver mens cufflinks always looks best with. The type of suit that works best with each type of cufflink is a whole new specialist matter in itself that you’d have to ask your suit or cufflinks provider about, but all you need to know in general is that if you add the two together then they work well. Yet for those who want to dress down a bit - or who are living in a climate where it’s too hot to be wearing a suit jacket all day, every day - you can still look good in an ordinary shirt and some gold cufflinks for men. Nowadays, you could even try pulling off a personalised silver pair of mens cufflinks with a casual shirt, something many a hipster or alternative dresser has tried before. The end game is that they can go with virtually anything, because what’s most important is getting the right cufflink pair to match the right clothes. To those ends, add to your to do list the need to try out every style to see which one works best for you.

Different Styles Of Ordinary And Personalised Cufflinks To Try Out

How many different cufflink types do you think there are, both ordinary and personalised cufflinks? Whatever you guessed, you are likely to be wrong. Contrary to popular belief that every cufflink is basically the same - which would lead to a grand total of one - there are in fact millions in circulation around the world, coming in a vast range of colours, shapes, sizes and designs. A pair of bullet back and toggle personalised engraved cufflinks often provide a square or rectangular shape with a torpedo capsule. Common and simple, they are a great set of mens cufflinks to begin your collection with. Or you could opt for a different approach in the whale back closure variety, an easy to handle design which gets its name from the "whale tail" attached to the end of its straight post. At the simpler end of the spectrum are a pair of united chain link silver cufflinks. Very traditional and worn on both sides of the cuffs, these stainless steel accessories are easy to manoeuvre in and out of position and as such are ideal for someone looking to mix and match with their look. This is just a flavour of the number of personalised cufflinks UK - based or elsewhere from around the world. The aim for you is to buy a collection to match the details of every outfit you could ever want to wear with them.

Why Cufflinkman Produce The Best Cufflinks For You

So, there is our quick guide on how and when to wear the right cufflink pair for you. Yet ultimately, if you want to look like a professional - or you're buying gifts for someone who does - then you need to be wearing gear that’s been supplied by one. This is where Cufflinkman come in. Dedicated to providing 100 per cent customer satisfaction and only the highest quality cufflinks sold on the market, all engravable jewellery items you can add to your gift cart will make you look and feel stylish every time. If you’d like to browse our extensive collection online, then you’re welcome to visit our website at . As an added bonus, our contact team is also here to help you with any custom, shipping miles or other queries you may have.